Team Ghana Update:  Meet Our TeamDear Friend of Team Ghana:

This month I am writing this update to introduce you or re-introduce you to Team Ghana.

First and foremost, Team Ghana is our team families:
• Team Ghana is my family: Elizabeth and I and our children—Kimberly, James, Rachel, Grace, and Michael.
• Team Ghana is Bill and Virginia Carter and their daughter Chloe. (Their two oldest children are in the States.)
• Team Ghana is Rocky, Melanie, Baraka Jr., Malachi, Tyler, and Marisa Hall (currently on deputation).
• Team Ghana is the Osgood family: Charles, Lindsey, and Josiah.
• Team Ghana is team member Dave Sarabia.
• Team Ghana is the Sarver family: Mike, Maria, and their three children—John, Joy, and Faith.
When you support Team Ghana, you are providing salaries, housing, and the other necessities for these missionary families.

Second, Team Ghana is our disciples. God has touched the hearts of many Africans to labor with us here in West Africa in the Gospel ministry. Your support helps pay the salaries of several dozen staff members. Our staff and our church volunteers are helping us accomplish much for the glory of God here in Kumasi.

Third, a big part of Team Ghana is what God is doing through our church in Kumasi. I serve as the senior pastor of Fundamental Baptist Church International. Our ministry is a local-church ministry with a desire to reach West Africa with the Gospel. When you support Team Ghana, you are helping Bill Carter build the Life Builders Sunday School class and Mike Sarver build the Common Faith Sunday School class. You are helping Charles Osgood build the youth of our church. You are helping our church run buses to bring in adults and children from the local area.

Fourth, Team Ghana is what God is doing through our missionary families and disciples.
• Team Ghana is our Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference, which hundreds of Christian workers attend each year.
• Team Ghana is Fundamental Baptist Academy, which now has 119 students enrolled.
• Team Ghana is Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa, which has 61 graduates, 21 of whom are pastoring.
• Team Ghana is our church-planting efforts. Your support has helped plant 36 churches in Ghana and Liberia.

As you weigh how to invest your missions dollars in these financially tough times, I hope you see Team Ghana as a group of people worthy of your support. When you choose to support Team Ghana, you are choosing to support our six missionary families.

Starting this month, we will be mailing our monthly team updates to our supporters, along with a prayer letter from one of our families. This month a recent letter from the Osgoods is included. We want you to know those in whom you are investing when you support Team Ghana! Please stay in touch; my e-mail address is I’d love to hear from you.

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer