Team Ghana Update:  Graduate Doing the Work of an EvangelistIn 2011, Otchere Boachie saw a sign in front of our property advertising our Bible college. Now he is a graduate of our Bible college and serves on our staff as an evangelist. This month we are sharing with you his testimony in his own words.

Otchere Boachie’s Testimony

Before my salvation, I was a Presbyterian. I would preach salvation by good works to others, but one day I decided to go to Bible college. I found Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa, which is a ministry of Fundamental Baptist Church International. I visited this church and learned that salvation is by faith in Jesus Christ alone. Soon I joined the church.

When I told my mother and my grandmother my desire to enroll at Hyles-Anderson, they were upset and not happy with me at all because they were long-time Presbyterian members, but still I enrolled in September 2011.

I did not keep the Gospel to myself! I won my mother to Jesus Christ. I won my grandmother to Jesus Christ. I won my four brothers to Jesus Christ. I won a cousin to Jesus Christ, and this cousin got baptized at our church. I won an aunt to Jesus Christ. I won my aunt’s mother-in-law to Jesus Christ. I invited a friend from the Presbyterian church to visit me at my church, and I won her and her sister to Jesus Christ.

My mother and grandmother and several other family members attended my graduation, and they were so happy about the accomplishment!

Now I serve at FBCI as an evangelist, a bus captain, and an usher. I also help train our Bible college students in soul winning. In my seven years at FBCI, I thank the Lord for allowing me to see hundreds of my converts and visitors baptized. My bus route is to a village named Ohwim, and we average 45. This year I have preached in the villages of Offinso, Bokankye, Nyankyerenease, Krunom, Barekese, Kyekyewere, and Ataase. We showed a Gospel film and preached the Gospel, with over 550 professing their faith in Christ.

Team Family

The Osgoods are our featured team family this month. Please take time to read some of their most recent prayer letters and pray for this good family: Brother Osgood is an assistant pastor at our church, teaches in our Bible college, and also pastors the Fundamental Baptist Church of Barekuma. Brother Osgood leads the choir, and Mrs. Lindsey Osgood adds so much to our church services with her musical talents. This great couple has been serving in Ghana now for 12 years! Also, please pray that God would use our Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference next month to further His kingdom.

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader