Team Ghana Update:  Annual Pastors' ConferencePastors’ and Workers’ Conference

In August, we were privileged to have speaking for our conference Pastor Marvin E. Smith III of Harvest Baptist Church in Fort Dodge, Iowa. The theme for our conference was “Spiritual Warfare: Conquering Through Christ.” This conference was a help to many in very specific ways. We had delegates not only from Ghana but also from Nigeria and Burkina Faso. Pictures from our conference can be viewed at this website:

Here are some comments from some of our delegates:

• “The teaching and preaching have given me a better understanding of what spiritual warfare is about. It has helped me to know how to fight spiritual battles . . . I have a sound and peaceful mind now to serve the Lord Jesus Christ by His grace.”—Isaac Boateng, Berean Baptist Church, Weija-Accra, Ghana

• “Pastor Smith’s materials helped me to understand how losing the battle that goes on in the mind can have a negative impact in your life (body, emotion, spirit). I have now understood that there are some practices that have gone on in my family and society for generations that are devilish. I have decided to take a stand and help others with the truth I have received.”—Stephen Opoku, Fundamental Baptist Church International, Bohyen, Kumasi

• “The conference helped me to see that by forgiving others, I can be set free from bitterness. It has also given me great courage to stand firm in the Lord.”—Oduro Mensah Bismark, Fundamental Baptist Church of Fiapre, Sunyani, Ghana

• “I learned that Satan lies to us about God, about others, and about ourselves.”—Mavis Adusah, Fundamental Baptist Church International, Bohyen, Kumasi, Ghana

• “Thanks be to God that I was able to take part in this year’s Pastors’ Conference. I must say that I learned a lot from the speaker, and it is my prayer that such programs will go a long way to strengthen the young ones in the ministry, such that they in their youthful age will do much more than some of us have done. May I thank you also for the Bibles, which I found very helpful. Some have been given out some to our outreach ministry at Weija.”—Frank Odonkor, Berean Baptist Church, Accra-North, Ghana


As mentioned by Brother Odonkor, we also distributed Bibles during our conference. Every church represented by at least 3 registered delegates was given a box of BEAMS Bibles for use in their ministries. We were able to distribute at least 552 Bibles during the conference. Thank you to those whose hearts God has touched to give specifically to help us get Bibles into the hands of those who need them.

Team Family

The team family prayer letter for this month is from the Osgood family, which is available here: Please pray for this good family.

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Delegates to Our 2015 Pastors' and Workers' Conference

Group Photo of Delegates to Our 2015 Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference

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