Churches are people. As the people grow, the churches grow. The man in the top-left photo came to church with his wife this past Sunday morning. They were both saved already, having been led to Christ by one of our soul winners. He needed to leave right after the morning service, so he requested that we baptize him and his wife before the service started.

Last Sunday evening the young lady on the bottom left was also baptized. She was a little hesitant but went ahead with it anyway. Afterward she told us that it was the first time in her life that she had put her head under water.

The older lady on the bottom right was led to Christ by Missy Shook. When she first came to church, she could hardly walk, but she has steadily improved. Two weeks ago she asked to be baptized as soon as she arrived at church, because she wanted to be completely right with God before taking the Lord’s Supper. What a joy to watch these people growing in the Lord!