Forty-Four HACWA Graduates

Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa is a ministry of Fundamental Baptist Church International here in Kumasi. HACWA was founded in January 2008 by Dr. Doug Kalapp and Dr. Ed Tutton. Our Bible college now has 44 graduates. Seven or eight more students will graduate in June. We thank God that 17 of our graduates are pastoring churches. One graduate is in Heaven. We wanted to use this update to introduce our 12 graduates who have joined Team Ghana and now serve with us here at Fundamental Baptist Church International.

New Facebook Page

Several hundred of our friends had “liked” our Facebook page, Fundamental Baptist Church International. Now we have dedicated that page to and for our church members here in Kumasi. For this reason, we have launched a new Facebook page specifically for news about the families and the work of Team Ghana. Please take a moment to visit our page,, and click “Like” in order to stay current on our work here. Thank you for your prayers and support!

–Dr. Ted Speer