Xavier Lopez Prayer Letter:  More Tracts and Changed LivesThank you for your faithful prayers and support of our family and ministry. We count it a great privilege to reach people for God on the mission field in this generation for the glory of God!

Our largest expense in our ministry is the rent that we pay to use our church facility. After that comes the rental of several buses to bring people to our services and then the printing of tracts. We pay to print thousands of tracts regularly and strive to pass them out to our population of over 2 million people. As our ministry grows, we find a greater need to print more and more tracts. We have designed them to invite someone to our services and also to give them a clear presentation of the Gospel.

It costs US$340 to print 10,000 tracts, US$450 to print 15,000 tracts, and US$568 to print 20,000 tracts. If anyone is interested in investing in tracts, we would be interested in passing them out, which would make another way to work hand in hand together to help reach the city of La Paz, Bolivia, with the Gospel. Any amount of money, big or small, that is designated for this cause would be used only for this project. Please send the money to FBMI, our mission board, with “Missionary #65—Gift for Tracts” in the memo part of the check; and that money will be designated for this project. If interested, I will send tracts as a sample, along with pictures of our people passing them out.

The lady holding our daughter Abigail to the left is Maria Eugenia. She was in the middle of a divorce when she first visited our church. Her life was broken, and she trusted Christ in one of our services. She has become one of the zealous members of our church and now is a soul winner, bus worker, Sunday school teacher, and capable servant of Christ. I was also able to win her husband, who is a police officer, to Christ. Their marriage has been saved, and both are faithful members. God has transformed their lives.

The young lady getting baptized to the right is named Julia. We knocked on her door on the side of a mountain called “The Molar of the Devil.” She wonderfully got saved and started coming to church. Many times these people live so humbly that they won’t even look you in the eye because they are so shy; but once you get them saved, baptized, and soul winning, they become confident, dedicated soldiers for Christ.

Please pray that God continues to use our church to reach more and more for the cause of Christ

Xavier Lopez