Jerry Wyatt III Prayer Letter:  Stadium CrusadeWe are humbled that, for the fourth year, God has allowed us to host the Tanzanian Stadium Crusade. We give God the glory for the 8,650 who attended the crusade. This year for the preaching time, I focused on Romans 6:23 and the gift that God freely gives to all men who will accept. As an illustration, we constructed a massive wooden gift that was carried out to the center field as I preached. As always, we raised the Cross toward the close of the message. What a blessing it was to see 1,370 fill out decision cards denoting they had trusted Christ as their Saviour. We are also thankful for the 31 people who came from two of our supporting churches, Marion Avenue Baptist Church and Gospel Light Baptist Church.

Soccer Sunday

The day after our crusade, we had an incredible day. I am always worried that our church folks will be too tired the next day, but God always gives us strength. Sunday started out by raining, and I thought for sure we would have a low day because of the rain. That morning I was reminded of the story of Elijah and the sacrifice on Mount Carmel. I felt like God was pouring the 12 barrels of water on our big day. He wanted to prove that any victory that day was all because of Him. We praise the Lord for the 1,530 who attended our church and the 74 who trusted Christ as their Saviour. Our goal was 1,000, but God gave the victory.

Mobile Medical Clinic

We praise the Lord for an incredible mobile medical clinic at Faith Baptist Church. We thank Medical Missions Outreach for partnering with us for a great week. We hosted 50 doctors, nurses, and volunteers for a mobile clinic held at our church property. We were able to see over 3,000 people come through the clinic, with 735 trusting Christ as their Saviour. We give God all the glory. We saw many return after this special day and have seen an increase in overall attendance. On one Sunday, we baptized 9, and 7 of those were reached through the clinic. Each year that we do this outreach, we are able to see fruit that remains.


We are excited for the opportunity to return and share with our supporting churches what God has been doing here in Tanzania. We will have the opportunity to report in 24 churches in these few short months. We will be in many states across the U.S., with many churches in California and Arizona. We do have a few new churches we will be visiting. Please pray for traveling mercies.

Project Building Faith

Our church is growing, and ministries are being added; things are happening in Morogoro, Tanzania. In this next phase of our ministry, we are really stepping out by faith to ask God to enable us to build a two-story building on our church property. Right now we have an open-air auditorium, where our Bible college meets, as well as two thatched-roof, open-air classrooms for children, and we have no offices. Staff meetings take place in a thatched-roof little “hut.” This two-story building would serve many purposes, including a place for our Bible college, Sunday school classrooms, offices, a prophet’s chamber for visiting pastors, and we even have made provision for future plans for a TV ministry and printing ministry. We believe this project will cost around $200,000. All of this is so that we may reach more for the cause of Christ in Morogoro, Tanzania. Please pray with us about this project.

Your missionaries to Tanzania,

Jerry & Rachel Wyatt