View PDF At the end of May, we held a ladies’ meeting. Mrs. Rhonda Brown was our guest speaker. We broke our city up into 11 different sections, with different women in our church in charge of inviting and following up on ladies in their section. Our church prayed and visited, and we were blessed to see over 250 ladies in attendance, with 99 trusting Christ as their Saviour. Many of these ladies returned on Sunday. The following Sunday we had over 400 in attendance. Please pray that the Lord will continue to work in the hearts and lives of the ladies and that we will see many of them continue to grow in the Lord.

At the end of June, we had a two-day revival for our church. Evangelist James Belisle was able to preach at this revival. God used him greatly to deliver just the right messages that our people needed at this time. During the week of the revival, we had prayer meetings every day begging God to bring revival to His church and His people.

The Saturday after the revival meeting, we held an open-air meeting in the area of Mwembesongo. The Lord blessed incredibly. There were over 500 people gathered in the field to listen to Bro. Belisle preach; 47 people were led to the Lord through personal soul winning on this day. We sent a minivan to the area the next day, Sunday, and 16 people from that area came to our church services as a result of the meeting. Praise the Lord for this open door of opportunity. Please visit our website to see a video update of this special day:

We had a wonderful teen summer camp. Bro. Mshama Kinyonga did a great job organizing and running this camp. Bro. Belisle and I preached during the week. Please pray that the Lord will continue to revive the hearts of our people and that many young people will continue to make decisions to serve the Lord with their lives.

The next couple of months will be busy ones, as we will be opening the orphanage at the end of July. The beginning of August is our country’s Farm Fair at which our church will have an area where we will be soul winning for several days. We will also be taking a quick trip home in August to help our home church, Marion Avenue Baptist Church, with their first missions conference. Please pray for us during this busy time.

Your representatives to Tanzania,

Jerry & Rachel Wyatt