This weekly prayer summary is a collection of recent prayer requests derived from prayer letters written by FBMI missionaries and/or missionaries supported by our church, First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN.

Psalm 102:1-2, “A Prayer of the afflicted, when he is overwhelmed, and poureth out his complaint before the LORD. Hear my prayer, O LORD, and let my cry come unto thee.  Hide not thy face from me in the day when I am in trouble; incline thine ear unto me: in the day when I call answer me speedily.”


Dr. Siemer

*Healing of fractured vertebra

Anglea, Ben and Ashley
Madagascar (Medical Furlough)

*Upcoming start of Sunday morning services in village ministry

Ashcraft, Tommy and Brenda
Mexico (Stateside)

*Her recovery

Missionary #6502

*Language studies

Belisle, James and Linda
Missionary Evangelist, FBMI FSC

*His healing from a fall (cracked ribs)

Childers, Joe and Donna

*New church, Lifeline Independent Baptist Church
*New ministries:
+Youth group (began a Friday Youth Night)
+Start of Neighborhood Bible Clubs in July
*Saving money for a larger vehicle

Chitty, Don and Renee
Navajos in New Mexico

*Raise money for new swamp coolers for the church building

Donate, Carlos and Jaimie

*Their medical outreach
*Thursday night addictions ministry
*Their Deaf Outreach

Eckels, Chris and Yolanda

*Upcoming start of their discipleship program
*Public schools
*Her health

Fannin, Rick and Gaylene

*His health:
+May need special procedure for fast heart rate
+Physical therapy and healing from broken arm and hurt back from a fall
*Her health:
+Voice shots

Missionary #6505
Team Eurasia

*Transition to the field

Goodpaster, Nathan and Audrey
Philippines (Medical Furlough)

*Jonathan’s healing from cancer

Guatemalan People and Missionaries

*Need postal service again

Gunter, John and Cathy
International Representative for Tabernacle Baptist Church Missions

*Her health:
+Brain MRI revealed some severe age-related issues

Harris, John and Robin

*Their work with a missionary family, prior to launching out to plant a church
*His work in the Prison Ministry and Van Ministry
+Received approval for missionary work permits
*June 18-July 30 Vacation Bible School (Sundays)

Has, Bounna and Thy

*Continued religious freedom
*College’s first missions trip to a restricted country to visit three missionary families (for God to do a mighty work in hearts and minds)

Hudson, Simeon and Susie

*Health and safety
*Their work with different churches and new church plants

Johns, Larry and Carol
Abundant Pardon Prison Ministry

*His recovery from massive heart attack and bypass surgery

Jones, Layne and Nelia

*Bus or bigger multicab for students
*Need another girls’ dorm, a classroom building, and to finish boys’ dorm (destroyed by typhoon last year)

Knickerbocker, Stephen and Julie
Burkina Faso, West Africa

*Their new church, Bible Baptist Church of Boulmiougou

Missionary #173

+Had their Final Exit Interview with FBMI
*Reach 100% support by time of departure (currently at 93%)
*Safety in the Philippines (clashes between the rebels and government forces)
*Preparation for departure on July 4

Leyva, Ricardo and Maria

*Power to preach, teach, witness
*Wisdom and love
*Family’s spiritual life

Missionary #6020
Team China

*June 27-August 25 furlough

Pattison, Chris and Rebecca

*New bus route
*Their Bible college
*Young people to stay faithful to church during school year

Runyon, Dean and Patty
Guyana, South America (Furlough)

*Church’s July 26-30 Vacation Bible School
*Bible college to start soon after their return
*July return to field
+May 11 CT-scan showed no hernias and no need for surgeries

Shook, Tim and Missy
Team Thailand

*Their church people, as they serve God in the midst of an idol-worshipping, Buddhist nation
*Preparation for their fall, three-month furlough (preparing short video, scheduling meetings, need a vehicle)

Sihok, Soeurn and Srey Neang

+June 25 church’s 18th anniversary had 217 attendance, 30 visitors, 24 saved

Missionaries to 10/40 Window
Barnabas 10/40

*New national Church-Planting Ministry in Nepal
*Vetting an independent Baptist Church-Planting Ministry in Pakistan
*Safety, health, and God’s power for upcoming three-month trip to Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, and Indonesia to help plant churches, train nationals, and vet for more national pastors
*Converts in China
*Chinese language studies

Turner, Ben and Becky

*Delivery of 25,000 flyers this week (Gospel video presentation at
*July 2 special evangelistic services

Tutton, Ed and Carolyn
Teaching All Nations

*Health of daughters Karen Mendez and Kim Whitehead (healing of cancer)

Williams, Michael and Brooke
GEMS Ministry‒Ghana

*Brooke’s continued health
*Their Lifereach Medical Ministry

Wynne, Joe and Kella

*Healthy pregnancy for Kella (dealing with infections and threat of premature birth)

Young, Dennis and Mary

+Now legal residents in Bolivia
*Find a place to rent in Tarata so they can start church services there
*To get an internet connection