Warren Storm Prayer Letter:  Snow! Snow! Snow!God’s Blessings in March and April

We were so blessed to see 18 people trust the Lord as their own personal Saviour and also to see one of our converts walk the aisle to make his salvation public. Praise the Lord for His blessings!

I was able to preach 17 times. We traveled 2,591 miles to 19 churches, working on 17 buses. With the help of God and the church mechanics, we were able to put 11 of the buses back on the road that were not running at all. God gets all the praise and glory! I am just a dirty wrench in His hands.

Snow, Snow, Snow!

Because of the severe winter up North, we remained in the South, helping churches in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Kentucky. While working on buses for Pastor Jay Reed at Peachtree Road Baptist Church in Suwanee, Georgia, two different men in two days came walking across the parking lot. One of them, Gregory, was going through a divorce. I introduced him to “. . . a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.” (Proverbs 18:24) He accepted Jesus as his personal Saviour and Friend.

The next day Kevin came walking by. He asked me about the church’s Reformers Unanimous program. I not only told him where to find the information about Reformers Unanimous, but I also introduced him to the Lord Jesus Christ, Who could help him overcome any addictions. Right there he asked Jesus to save him and to help him to live for Him. Wow! What a joy that was! God is so good to bring people across our paths.

In April we were in Ohio helping our churches get their buses ready for their annual State Inspection. In the two months, we helped the mechanics fix 50 buses. God does it! Without Him we can do nothing!

Visit to Our Sailor Family

While we were in the Pensacola, Florida, we were able to spend a few hours with our grandson Jordan, who was in Navy training school. Then we visited our son David Highfill while he was in training in Meridian, Mississippi. We are thankful for their service, and we pray for them and for all of our U.S. Military and their families.

Prayer Requests

(1) We are asking God for revival in the Bus Ministries, that churches will start new bus routes or start Bus Ministries. Vans are buses too! (2) Pray for our health and safety. (3) Pray that we sell our old Southwind motor home and our red utility truck.

Thank you for partnering with us as we help the churches reach their bus families for Christ. You have a part in every soul that is reached. We are grateful for your friendship and very thankful for your prayers and your faithful financial support. Our prayers are that God will bless you and keep you safe as well.

Yours for souls,

Warren and Jary Lynn Storm