Carolyn Tutton Prayer Letter: TAN UpdateWhat an amazing God we serve! During our trip to Cambodia, we saw how HE works miracles!

We enjoyed our time with Walter and Suni Poole. We have known and admired these faithful folks for years. Their ministry is reaching folks in the city of Phnom Penh. They have already purchased a building at another location to expand their work.

We also visited with national pastor, Sihok Soeurn. He uses the Teaching All Nations program in his college. We met the students and also visited a few of the graduates’ churches.

On a very hot, rainy afternoon, we had a service at Dump Site Baptist Church. An entire community lives at a dump, which is huge and looks like a mountain as you drive up to it. Hundreds of families, including children, work and live there, digging to find recyclable items in order to earn $2.00 a day. The church started a school, and if a child attends, they are given a portion of dry rice as “pay” for the day. These children sang a special song for us and served us a meal of rice and chicken bones in broth.

We toured the Killing Fields. Bro. Sihok had family taken there in the late 70s. It was humbling to see his love for his country, the people of Cambodia, and our Lord.

Please pray as we plan a Teaching All Nations Conference for national pastors in Cambodia in February of 2024.

Serving the King,

Greg Ogle