Teaching All Nations Update: TAN in the PhilippinesWhat a marvelous two months these have been for TEACHING ALL NATIONS! The Lord has opened great and effectual doors of opportunity here in America and in the Philippines. This May-June TAN Newsletter will feature Adam Ogle, his father and mother, Greg and Robin Ogle, and their trip to the Philippines May 28 – June 11, introducing the TEACHING ALL NATIONS four-year Bible college curriculum to groups of national pastors in several conferences.

TEACHING ALL NATIONS is a step-by-step Bible college curriculum, which is teacher-directed. It uses the biblical model introduced by Christ in the New Testament Gospels. The workbooks are organized into 150 lessons, contained in 15 workbooks. TEACHING ALL NATIONS utilizes the question-and-answer method of teaching, encouraging students to find answers in the Word of God. TAN is so honored to offer this Bible college curriculum FREE to pastors and missionaries around the world.

Leaving on May 29, the Ogles took 100 complete TEACHING ALL NATIONS workbook sets to be given to national pastors and missionaries to assist them in beginning Bible colleges in their churches. Adam writes:

After traveling over 40 hours, we arrived in Manilla. The next day, we traveled to Bro. Ramil’s church for our first conference. The sessions were well attended, and a wonderful meal was provided by the church. Many pastors committed to using the TAN program. The next day, we conducted another conference with Bro. Tan (YES, that is his name!). In this second conference, many pastors also committed to using the TAN materials. Bro. Tan wants us to return and have more training and teaching sessions on a bigger platform. A big ‘THANK YOU goes to Bro. Charlie Vest, who is helping us by staying in contact with these pastors.

Thursday, we flew to Tacioban, where Bro. Layne Jones met us and then drove eight hours to Northern Samar, where he has been serving the Lord since 1985. He held a three-day conference, with a packed building each service. The services were phenomenal, and the soul-winning efforts will never be forgotten. Here at this conference, many pastors, too, committed to using TAN in their works, and Bro. Jones has already begun using the TAN program in his college. What victories we experienced!

God provided safe travels, wonderful friendships, and the honor of meeting dedicated servants of God. There is an open door, an interest, and a zeal for TEACHING ALL NATIONS in the Philippines. Thank you for the important part you do for the TAN team. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Preparing nationals for the work of God,

From the Desk of Carolyn Tutton
Hosea 4:6