Carolyn Tutton Prayer Letter: God Is Blessing and Using TAN!Thank all of you who continue to support TEACHING ALL NATIONS with your prayers and financial support. We at TAN can feel your supporting prayers and your giving. During the months of September and October, Teaching All Nations experienced some unusually GREAT STRIDES, in which all of you have had a part!


Bro. Adam reports of a GREAT EXPANSION of Teaching All Nations going into more parts of the world to introduce many national pastors to the FREE TAN materials and instruct the pastors in how to begin Bible institutes in their churches, training their men and women to serve the Lord in full-time service and in how to win souls. The men will specifically learn how to plant churches and preach. Please pray for the following endeavors. On November 14, 2022, a TAN team will go into Mexico. In January 2023, a trip to India is scheduled. In May 2023, a trip is planned for the Philippines, and next Fall 2023, a trip is planned into Jordan. Please put these dates and months on your calendar, and pray for God’s blessings on those who travel and for all their efforts to help pastors train their people to win souls and plant churches.


Missionary Mark Holmes in Abuja, Africa, sent pictures and a glowing report from the church in Calabar, Africa. This church was begun by Missionary David Long in 1986 and is now pastored by Nicholas Wayih, who has a Bible institute with 26 students, using the Teaching All Nations program.

Missionary Mark Holmes also sent a GREAT REVIEW of the program Teaching All Nations. He reports the following:

I was first recommended to the Teaching All Nations curriculum by Dr. Ed Tutton when we were at an FBMI seminar in Hammond, Indiana. It was thrilling to see the life of Christ being used for discipleship, mentorship, and leadership training. We began presenting the Teaching All Nations materials at our Soul-Winning and Leadership Conferences. Now we do six of these conferences every year. For several years now, we have presented the TAN materials as an option for our pastors to use to train their own people for their ministry. Currently, we have more than seven churches using the TAN materials, and several churches have already been started by those who have been trained with the Teaching All Nations curriculum. We continue to present it at our Soul-Winning and Leadership Conferences. We also give it as an option to our students at Providence Baptist College and Seminary . . . We also present TAN to independent Baptist churches, where we have been helping pastors to start their own Bible institutes so that they can be training their own members to become pastors and evangelists and, Lord willing, even future missionaries, going to other countries in Africa.


The Lord is still the ANCHOR of my soul. I had such a GREAT harvest of winning people to the Lord. I still pass out ten tracts a day and witness six days a week, except for Sundays. During September and October, I was able to win NINE people to the Lord. I cannot even believe it! The Lord let me win two people to the Lord at Aldi, four people in Dollar Tree, one lady in the produce aisle at Winn Dixie, one in Walgreens, and one outside Dollar Tree. I stay busy for the Lord and for TAN. Thank you all for praying and giving. It will be worth it all when we see Jesus (II Corinthians 4:17).

Teaching All Nations,

Carolyn Tutton
Hosea 4:6