Tom Dinius Prayer Letter: Rejoicing in Answered Prayer“Through God we shall do valiantly: for he it is that shall tread down our enemies.”
Psalm 108:13

We are rejoicing that in the middle of September, after a two-year wait, God has won the spiritual battle, and we have received the approval of our work permits/visa to stay in Namibia!! It is good for two more years, which is also a blessing; usually they only grant one-year visas. Thank you to all of you who have faithfully prayed!

The children did well with their Scripture memorization of Psalm 100, with three-fourths of the class finishing. The teens did well also, with 100% participation of memorizing the packet of 10 verses. The adults were encouraged a lot; but only 3 finished, and 3 more did some of the verses. We are now working on our Christmas Program, as school will finish on the 24th of November, and many of the children leave for the long holiday (end of November until the 13th of January) to go to the farm or village.

The Bible class at MamaDu Preschool continues to open doors to families for us. Teen Brigade has been a blessing and has helped grow our teens spiritually, physically, and mentally. We are shut down for two weeks due to exams, but we will have a couple more activities before the end of the year.

The contractor is waiting for us to raise enough money to purchase the steel for the columns and to pour the cement for the foundation and columns. Thank you again to those who have given extra towards the building.

The Lord allowed us to bring 13 souls to Him, some children and some adults. We have watched Him bring complete strangers to our gate with food for the needy, and it is wonderful to tell the teens and children how God provided for them.


• Our work permits/visa
• Souls saved
• Strength for the work
• His provision of food and needs
• Those who have sent gifts towards the building

Prayer Requests

• Growth in our converts
• Strength and wisdom
• Funds for the building
• Christmas program on Sunday, November 26 (for parents and visitors to come and for souls to be saved)
• Teen Camp

In partnership for Christ,

Tom & Margo Dinius