Tom Dinius Prayer Letter:  God Is Good, and He Is Able!“I will praise thee for ever, because thou hast done it: and I will wait on thy name; for it is good before thy saints.” (Psalm 52:9)

We praise the Lord for all He did for us while we were home.

1. We were truly able to rest and gain strength back. With our health restored, we are back in Namibia and ready to be used once again. To the people of Berean, our family, and our friends, thank you for being tools in God’s hands.
2. We were able to get some discipleship materials, some study books, and some good Christian music to use in the ministry here. Thank you to FBMI, Bro. Tom Williams, and Myrna. May the Lord greatly use these materials.
3. Through our home church, God provided the funds needed to purchase transport!!
4. God allowed us to spend time with our parents, family, church family, and friends.
5. God allowed me to help the men and the new pastor with putting on a new roof for the parsonage. It was great fellowship, and it was special to be able to help the church that has been faithful to us all these years.
6. God allowed us to lead 8 souls to Him while home. One was my former coworker. God is good!
7. It was a privilege for me to preach and for my wife and me to teach in different classes in our home church.

We are waiting on the Lord now that we are back in Namibia.

1. We are waiting for our work permits.
2. We are waiting for our boxes of discipleship materials that we mailed.
3. We got right on the building plans. God gave us a new and honest man to work with, but we are waiting on the municipality to approve them. They have told us it is a three-month process.
4. Our church tent blew down again while we were home, so now we are meeting on the porch where the Junior Church usually meets. We need wisdom, as it really is not enough room.
5. We are waiting for God to supply the funds we need to build the church. We received a letter from the municipality stating we must have the church built by October 14, 2016, or they will take back the land, with no refund of the money paid for it.

God is able, and He will do it!!

1. A bag of cement is N$100 or US$10.
2. A skid of 500 building bricks is N$1,000 or US$100.

God has already supplied the money for the building plans (blueprints) and the cost of the engineer’s part for the slab, stairs, roof, and retaining wall. Thank you for those who sent Christmas gifts. God knew the need and met it without us asking!! To God be the glory!!

In partnership for Christ,

Tom & Margo Dinius