Teaching All Nations Prayer Letter:  Praises for 2014PRAISES FOR 2014

TAN faces an unbelievable year in 2015. The Lord’s heart is clearly embedded in the mission fields of the world . . . how do we know? “For God so loved the WORLD . . . .” Extraordinary things have been happening in the TAN office and on the field. Here are some of the most fantastic results that God has accomplished in 2014 and will be accomplished in 2015 through Teaching All Nations.

• Thirty missionaries were trained here in Hammond, Indiana, to use the Teaching All Nations program in their respective mission fields.
• Five men are now approved to be TAN instructors and are traveling to foreign countries, training national pastors to use TAN.
• All of the Teaching All Nations 150 lessons have been completely written.
• Approximately 50 lessons have been edited and formatted to be available online without cost to missionaries around the world.
• The additional 100 lessons are in the formatting process and will be completed early in 2015.
• Forty national Nigerian pastors have been trained this year to use the TAN materials to begin Bible institutes.
• Six pastors in Thailand have received training in TAN and plan to begin Bible institutes this spring of 2015.
• Two pastors in Cambodia have been trained and will begin Bible institutes in 2015.
• One pastor in Burma has been trained and will begin a Bible institute in 2015.
• Bible college students in Mexico, New Zealand, Ghana, the Philippines, and Kenya are now using TAN lessons.
• In 2015, students in Pakistan, India, and China will be trained for the ministry using TAN.
• Our goal for 2015 is to begin 25 Bible institutes in other countries.


• Pray for the Adam Ogle family (program director of TAN) and for Dr. and Mrs. Tutton (senior editor) as both families travel, raising support for Teaching All Nations.
• Pray for the funds needed for formatting the last 100 lessons and for printing TAN materials.
• Pray for financial needs for the cost of traveling to supporting churches.
• Pray for openings to present Teaching All Nations at churches hosting missions conferences.