Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter:  The Joys of Worldwide EvangelismGreetings in the name of our precious risen Lord! We pray that all is well in your ministries and in your personal lives. We are thankful to be serving Him with you in the greatest work in the world. This month had an extra joy, as we were allowed by Him to lead people to Christ in two different countries.

Once again He has shown Himself strong through His people. The church that we started officially in September 2016 has just paid their first month’s rent without any help from me, the American missionary. ALSO, they have just become a worldwide evangelistic church by committing to support an Argentinian missionary going to Cuba. ALSO, they have committed to giving Pastor Rojas a salary. Your prayers and support of the ministry here in Argentina are making a difference.

In North Carolina while out visiting with our home church, we led Wayne Shields to Christ. He was a faithful member of a church; now he is a member of the family of God. We were used by Him to lead 4 to saving faith in Argentina. We stood praying as 1 received Christ. We gave 1 assurance of salvation, and we presented 1 Bible to a struggling seminary student who just needed a helping hand.

We are expecting great things in the next few months concerning our ministry. Pray for travel safety, as we will go to Formosa Province for the first anniversary of the church there. We will travel to Chaco Province to officially start the new church there with Brother Lito Torres. Pray for seminary students. The next school year starts at the end of March. We have come to realize that His plans are so much better and usually different than ours. As we pray about these things, we are anticipating even greater things and more to happen according to His will.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson