Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter:  Seminary Growth!Our heavenly Father is constantly helping us here in Argentina, and we are thankful to be here. There is always so much to do, and we know that your prayers and support are a huge part in us fulfilling His will for us here in Argentina. We are thankful to be partnered with you for His glory.

Thank you for the prayers concerning the seminary. We have twice as many students as last year. Four different countries are represented: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Venezuela. We are updating the dorm rooms in anticipation of the seminary growth. We are also expanding our ministry to some smaller churches with the hope that more students will be called by the Lord to attend and serve full-time in the ministry. The Bible study we are attending on Saturday night averages about 20 and moves from house to house. We are thankful for this group of believers and how the Lord is blessing our lives through them.

This month the Lord used us greatly. He allowed 11 to become His children when the Gospel was presented clearly. For the first time, without help, Susie led 3 to saving faith. Yes, she is still on cloud nine. We gave assurance to 2, gave Bibles to 2, and stood praying as 4 received Christ. All this is done through His Sprit. As the mother rejected Christ, she allowed us to speak to her children who were already listening. We are praying that they will lead the mom now that they are children of the King.

We are spreading out in every direction we can for His glory. Will you pray that He will send us more laborers? Will you pray that He sends them from your church? Will you pray that He sends them from your family? Please pray for traveling mercies and health. The dry season starts soon, and Susie has sinus problems during this time.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson