Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter: Ranchillos Has a Pastor!Greetings from the bottom of the world! We pray that all is well for you and that the Father’s business is the main business in your life. His grace truly is sufficient. We are doing well health-wise, so thank you for the prayers.

Ranchillos has a pastor! His name is Ezekiel Rojas. He pastors at Belen, another of the older churches we’ve been helping rebuild and grow. Belen has a Sunday morning service, and the service in Ranchillos is at 4:00 p.m., so he has no problem with the schedules. When the church grows in Ranchillos, he plans on starting a Wednesday night service. The midweek service at Belen is on Thursdays, so there is no conflict there either. He has decided to name the church Calvary Independent Baptist Church. All this is answered prayer! Thank you for your faithfulness concerning this work. It is only four months old, but the Lord is surely blessing. The first “official” service is September 4. Two weeks later we will have special speaker James Belisle from the U.S.A. We’ve had a high number of 31 when we first rented the room. Since then we’ve averaged 15. Can you help us pray in 32 or more? Sixty-two precious souls in Ranchillos have come to know the only sufficient Saviour, our Lord Jesus.

The conference I preached on the family in Santiago del Estero went well. We averaged 35, with a high of 50. Six precious souls were saved after the message “What Would You Do if You Only Had Seven Days?” Folks gave testimony that their family was more important than the things of the world. Parents said they saw their children in a different light, as “gifts” and “blessings” from the Father.

In personal soul winning, we stood silently praying as 2 received Christ, and we gave 17 Bibles. In Ranchillos, Susie taught her first lesson to the kids in Spanish! We sat on the street corner because there wasn’t room for all in the church room. She started with 8, and before she finished teaching about Jonah, she had the attention of 18!

Pray for the works started and the future works. We had no new students in the seminary starting in August. Did I mention earlier in the letter that His grace truly is sufficient?

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson