Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter:  Making Plans to Leave for ArgentinaHello Pastors and Praying Friends,

We started our third year of deputation off strong with meetings in North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and Maryland. We’ve also had a strong increase in our support level. Because of this, I am projecting a target date of mid-April 2015 for our Argentina departure. That would be 39 months of deputation. Can our Father get us there before that? Of course! I set this target date based on how the previous support has come in.

Because of the 50% tariff to import our belongings and the expensive shipping costs to get a container to Argentina and then to the middle of the country, we will only be carrying our clothing. Therefore, we will have to set up a house from scratch when we arrive. We have been frugal with the money we have received while on deputation and have saved enough to purchase our tickets ($4,500) and buy a small scooter to get around on ($3,000) until we have a van for ministry purposes. You have been so good to us.

We have not had to ask for anything since starting deputation, but now we need your extra help to be as effective as we can once we get to Argentina. When you rent a house in Argentina, there are no appliances at all in the house. Even the sinks and toilets are missing, because when you leave a house, you take them with you to the next house. To obtain the necessities, it will take approximately $7,000. This includes stove, dishes, towels, etc. We also will need a used van to do all that Father has given us a vision for. A decent used van can be purchased for $8000.

I know it sounds like a lot, but Jesus said in Luke 12 that a soul is worth more than all the possessions a man can accumulate. Morningstar Baptist Church in South Carolina has already given $900 to help us relocate. We are asking for you to pray about what you could do over the next year to help us be as effective as we can once we get to Argentina so we can hit the ground running for His glory. We are VERY thankful for what you’ve already done and appreciate your part in our ministry.

Please pray for souls to be saved, safety and health, support to come in, and meetings for our fall schedule. Believe me, when we get to Heaven, it will be worth it all.

In Christ,
Simeon and Susie Hudson