Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter:  Keep ServingHello from sunny Argentina. Yes, it is the dead of winter, but we’ve had many sunny days and temperatures in the 80s. As Susie says, “It’s better to burn now than someone else to burn later.” You have to love that attitude. It’s been another tough month, but God is always able. Philippians 4:13 is always a great reminder of our great God. After having a high fever last month for several days and a lack of physical strength, I began this month needing surgery on my eye. A cyst had started growing on my eyelid in February and was starting to put pressure on my eye, making the surgery necessary. Susie has developed an indigestion problem, so our eating habits are changing.

We traveled to Santiago del Estero to help a sister church with their soul-winning weekend, and our group led 12 to saving faith in Christ. There was also 4 first-time visitors our group spoke to personally. Needless to say, Pastor Gomez was thrilled.

In our personal soul winning, we led 11 to saving faith in Christ, stood praying as 1 received Christ, and gave 12 Bibles to those who needed the most important book ever. What a joy it was to talk to a family of 8 one afternoon—I basically preached a salvation message to them—after asking them all if they believed the Bible was the Word of God. Five of them believed the Bible was God’s Word, and 3 of those received Christ as their personal Saviour! However, it’s sad that 3 of them did not believe the Bible was God’s Word, and the Spirit could not work in their lives.

Please pray that our health issues will abate. I still don’t feel like I have all my strength back since the fever. Pray for traveling mercies, as we will travel to La Choca this month for soul winning and preaching and to JuJuy, a new province where Pastor Pablo Cruz is wanting to start a second church. You are the best rope holders ever!

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson