November was a month of double blessings. On the 28th day of November, we finally received the permit to enter Argentina that we have been praying about for two long months! Praise the Lord! Now we are sending our documents to the Argentine Embassy in Washington D.C. to apply for our work visa. They will contact us for our appointment. This should take only about 30 days to accomplish. We also finished our scheduled meetings. God’s timing is perfect. Praise the Lord!

Our deputation has carried us through 30 states, and we have presented our burden for His glory in 109 churches. During this time we did not have one car problem. Our Father has been so good to Susie and me. The churches we’ve been to and the people we’ve met have been so kind and generous to us. Truly every need has been provided.

We are rejoicing in the fact that although our scheduled meetings are over, lives have been changed―ours and the lives of many we’ve met. In Arkansas one young boy said, “I’m going to be a missionary, maybe to Argentina.” A letter from a young girl in Mentor, Ohio, stated: “God spoke to my heart that night through your preaching. I surrendered my life to the Lord that night to do whatever He asked me to do.” Souls have been saved all over America, folks, and that is fruit to your account and for His glory. The faith of Susie and me has grown tremendously.

In November we saw three accept the salvation that only He can give. It is so exciting to be a part of what the Lord is doing. Please pray that our transition to Argentina will be as smooth as possible; that we will find the right language teacher; and that we will find the right home that will help us minister to those around us. Believe me, when we get to Heaven it will be worth it all!

In Christ,
Simeon and Susie Hudson
Relocation: $15,000.00 Received: $5,590.00