Simeon Hudson Prayer letter:  Changed Lives!We hope and pray all is well. We are thankful to serve Him with you and always remember you in prayer. We are so thankful for your prayers and support. It’s really been apparent in my life lately that as I thank Him more, I have more joy. Imagine that!! We are thankful for you.

Susie seems to be over the stomach problem. Praise the Lord! One of my thumbs is almost unusable, the left one. Many years ago I had surgery on my right thumb for trigger finger. I think that may be the problem now with my left thumb.

At this moment we go soul winning with three different churches every week when we aren’t working in a church out of town. What a joy it is to be able to remember to say the correct church name when visiting. An even greater joy is leading folks to Christ for each church. We also spent a lot of time this month doing follow-up work on ones who don’t attend the churches anymore. Getting them saved is only the first step. We work hard trying to get them baptized and trained for His glory. We love to see changed lives!

We are rejoicing over the changed life of Pastor Torre’s oldest son. He is now helping his dad in the new church plant in Taco Pozo. This month we went to see a five-year-old work that just now has a 12×12 room to worship in. Before this, they met outside on the land, come rain or shine. This work is pastored by Pastor Carlos Zerda. He has about 15 regulars and is digging the foundations for bathrooms. He showed me his vision for expanding the church, and we hope to visit him every six weeks or so to help him. He cried when I gave him some Bibles. He said he was hoping to buy some that week.

By the grace of God, we led 4 to saving faith in Christ and gave 1 the assurance of his salvation. We gave out 12 Bibles, and we stood praying as 4 accepted Christ. Several received Christ during the preaching in the various churches, and many decisions were made. I also translated from English to Spanish in a men’s meeting and during one night of seminary for an American pastor who came to visit. I loved it, and I’m sure it will help me think faster in Spanish.

Please pray for our health and safety. All our needs are being met, as He promised.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson