Sergio Robles Prayer Letter:  God's Provision During Furlough It is with great and unspeakable joy full of glory that I write this letter to all of you who faithfully pray for us and support our ministry—joy because I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able. The Lord surely has provided more than we deserve, and we just praise His wonderful name for all His benefits to us.

During the first month of our furlough, we have seen literally God’s mighty hand of provision in our lives. The Lord has also allowed us to come closer to Him and come closer together as a family. We have made Schererville, Indiana, our home base during this furlough; and, Lord willing, we will go back to Mexico in May 2015.

Let me share with you an answer to prayer. We were allowed to rent an apartment without furniture to live during this time of furlough. We did not have any furniture or money to purchase furniture, so what did we do? We asked our heavenly Father, Who knows our needs even before we come to Him. I would gather my wife and our children and pray together for God’s provision. One day before moving to the apartment, two supporting churches gave us enough money to purchase used beds and mattresses to start with at least something. The first morning of the rental agreement, a lady asked us to come to a used- furniture business; she gave us most of our furniture free of charge. Then another lady from church told us that if we were willing to move some furniture from a storage facility, she would give us whatever we needed. With tears in my eyes, I told my children that God is a provider to His own children. We only had to purchase a small stove for the apartment, and that money came from two supporting churches. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

I had the opportunity to go soul winning with my wife in the same area where, as a college student, I led many people to Christ and saw many children saved. We visited a mother who allowed her children to come to church on my bus route 12 years ago, but she never came with them. After my wife and I visited her twice, I was able to lead her to Christ right in her living room. I have had many opportunities to witness on Saturdays when I visit supporting churches. I saw 3 people saved who came to a Spanish-speaking church in Columbus, Ohio. There is no greater joy than to see people saved and then to see them in church trying to walk in the light.

During the past two months of September and October, I have visited some supporting churches. In the months to come, we will focus on visiting some new churches and also on raising money to help purchase materials to build a church building for a church we helped start in Apaseo el Grande Guanajuato. We have lost some support, and we need to raise support to help pay for some of our vital needs. Please pray that the Lord will help us raise the extra support we need.

The Lord has opened a door to travel to some Spanish-speaking countries to teach and preach with my home pastor and father in the faith, Dr. Alejandro Cordova. He asked me if I could go with him to the countries of Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Venezuela. I have traveled with him the last three years to teach and preach about soul winning in Ecuador and Bolivia; and, Lord willing, we will go next February to Nicaragua. Please pray that the Lord will provide the money to cover traveling expenses and that the Lord will use us to see many people saved and many people trained to become soul winners.

Once again, thank you for all these years of supporting our ministry and for praying for us. The work we have accomplished would not be possible without your help and without your prayers. Thank you so much for partaking with us and for investing in this great endeavor.

For the kingdom of God,

Sergio Robles