Sergio Robles:  Plans for 2014Dear Co-laborers and Praying Friends,

It is the ending of 2013 and the beginning of a New Year. As I look back and meditate on what was accomplished in 2013, I rejoice for all the people we were able to bring the Gospel to. Many were saved, and many were changed forever. Thank you for doing your part in this great endeavor of preaching the Gospel to every creature, including the Mexican people. We are thankful to God and to many of you who pray for us and support our ministry. What a blessing it is to serve an awesome God! Thank God for His provision, His protection, and His power all year long.

The year of 2014 is here, and we have purposed to do more of Jesus and for His name. The harvest is plenteous with so many things to do; we have a whole lot of people to reach, teach, and train. One of our main goals this year is to get our own building for the second church we have started. We have part of the land, but because it is rather small, we would like to purchase more land close to the land that was given to us. If we get this done, then we will begin building a church building that we so desperately need, especially after renting a building for the last three years. We had to move the church to a different location because the rental agreement expired. It’s sad to say, but this move caused some people to stop coming.

We will organize several evangelistic campaigns in different parts of the city of Celaya, Guanajuato. Last year we saw thousands of people saved in these campaigns. Please pray that this year we will see many more saved and especially many more baptisms. I want to focus on seeing people baptized this year, and we will do our part to explain to the people the importance of obeying God in this step and to provide a baptistery in each campaign.

As you know, in order to make these campaigns possible, we need more financial resources. Last year we were able to organize 20 campaigns from February to May, and each of these cost about US$200. That’s about US$4,000 invested in promotion, transportation, and renting equipment to host a big meeting. It sounds like a lot of money; but, believe me, hundreds of people come to hear the Gospel, and many get saved. By God’s grace many of them will be baptized and trained so that they themselves will help us reach Mexico for Christ. It will be worth it all. I have not mentioned the hard work of organizing and hosting the people, the distribution for promotion, the cleanup, and the following up on the people. But again, it will be worth it all.

Please pray that the Lord will use us and provide for us this year. If you feel led to help, please do so. We need the finances.

My wife and children send their love and gratitude. My son Joseph will turn six this month, and my daughter Kyla will turn ten next month. My twin girls will turn four in April, and they are very excited about growing up here in Mexico. They are very fluent in Spanish.

Thank you very much for helping us making a difference in the lives of many people here in Mexico. May God continue using you and blessing you this year, and may He come back this year to get His church so that we may be with Him forever.

For the coming kingdom of God,

Sergio Robles