Ron Back Prayer Letter:  Leaving Soon for Australia!Dear Pastor and Friends,

God is so good! Moving time is finally here! By the time most of you receive this letter, we will only have one week left in the United States. We are praising the Lord for many things. First, on February 23, we will be in Melbourne, landing at the airport. Second, our shipping container has been loaded and will be in Australia four weeks after we arrive. The Lord has blessed us, and we were bumped up to priority shipping, which gets the container there a month early with no extra cost to us.

My family and I are in awe of the fact that so many of you have both sacrificed and prayed for us for these years to make this possible. We are all honored to represent you and Christ on the field.

If packing and coordinating with shipping companies wasn’t keeping me busy enough, we have been trying to win as many people to Christ as we can while in the States. Recently I came across a lady named Grace. She was raised a Jew but married a Presbyterian man. She told me that thirty-two years ago, she had changed churches and religion for her husband’s sake. As I talked to her, I tried to see where she stood spiritually. After thirty-two years in the Presbyterian church, this poor lady had no idea how to get to Heaven when she died. I was able to share the Gospel with her, but unfortunately she did not receive Christ. I hope you will pray with us that someone else will come and witness to Grace so that she will be saved.

Please pray also for our safety as we fly to Australia and our shipping container as it floats on its way. Please also pray that there are no problems with customs or anything else unexpected. Also, please pray with us for many souls to be saved to report in our next letter.


Ron Back
Missionary to Australia