Ricardo Leyva Prayer Letter:   Update on My FamilyThe year 2016 was a great year in our ministry! I updated you six times on that, but it has been over a year now since I gave an update on my family.


She has done a good job of keeping her diabetes in check with diet, pills, and daily walking. She is a mother, a friend, and a wife. She teaches a children’s Sunday school class and goes soul winning weekly.


Moises has been in Bible college since January 2016. He just completed one year in Bible college. This past Christmas he did not come home; he stayed at the college. We missed him. This was the first time he was not with us during Christmas. Every time I missed him, I prayed for him. I wonder how much GOD missed His only Son in Heaven while Jesus was on earth. Every time I pray to God to protect and bless my son, I come under conviction about God’s only begotten Son and what it is that I am doing for Him. God gave His Son to me; I need to give my son to Him.


Elizabeth is in the seventh grade now. My wife and I keep her busy. She cooks at home, plays the flute at church, is learning to play the violin, and goes soul winning weekly.

And last but not least—me. I would rather talk about Jesus than talk about myself. Health wise, I am doing very good. Thank GOD! At the end of last year, I had a desire to do something more for God. I am praying very hard for God to confirm to me some new ministries that I want to start this year. PLEASE HELP ME PRAY ABOUT THIS! Also pray for my coming crusade back to the small cities of Moa and Baracoa.

Serving Christ in Cuba,

The Leyva Family