Ricardo Leyva Prayer Letter:  Soul Winning Is Alive and Well on the Mission FieldI concluded my four-week visit to California with two meetings on Sunday, October 7. Back in 2001 while on deputation, I made a similar four-week visit to California. I now realize that there were and still are many good Baptist churches in California. From that time in 2001 until this day, one of my most faithful supporting churches is from Southern California.

I returned to the mission field with some Bibles, some Gospel tracts, and some gifts for my wife that a Spanish church in California sent to her.


Soul winning is alive and well here on the mission field. I take a group of soul winners out every week on a regular basis. I personally average 3 souls saved per week.

During a recent soul-winning experience, I was praying throughout the week that the people I witnessed to would get saved. The following Saturday we were out knocking on doors, but I was getting no results. I came to a front fence, but the actual home was about 60 feet farther. I knocked on the iron fence with a big coin several times and called out loud twice. A door on the second floor opened, and a big man with a rough look said, “What do you want?” “I have something very important to share with you; please come down!” I said. And he did! He came all the way down to the front fence. He listened attentively to the most important part—salvation. Needless to say, he asked Jesus to save him and left with a smile! I will follow up on him.

Just a few houses down, I had a similar case! I will continue praying for souls to be saved.

THANK YOU to all our supporting churches for faithfully supporting our ministry. Thank you for the birthday cards and birthday emails for our family throughout the year. Thank you also for the motivating letters, cards, and emails throughout the year.


Please continue to pray for:

1. Our family.
2. Wide-open doors in Cuba.
3. Our finances.

Ricardo Leyva and Family