We hope you are well, and we give thanks to the Lord for the faithful support you have given our ministry. Without your assistance, we could not work with the national pastors of Kenya, helping them build their churches, along with planting new churches and starting new ministries.

Since our last prayer letter, I have had an interesting time with my health. I was diagnosed with tongue cancer that required an operation to remove the top layer of my tongue. Having originally thought it was not cancer, they found that it was, and another operation to go deeper, along with removing a number of lymph nodes, was necessary to ensure that they got all the cancer. It was a little uncomfortable, but we praise the Lord that the second operation was successful, and no further treatment will be necessary. I can nearly speak normally again, and I am back to preaching. The blessing is that I was able to lead 5 nurses to the Lord while in hospital. Praise the Lord!

I am also having surgery done on my legs for vascular deficiency before I leave for Kenya. This will reduce swelling and should also reduce the risk of further cellulitis. We have had a few other issues as we fight the spiritual battle in our preparation for Kenya, but I am glad to say that things are looking up as we work through these challenges.

The Kenyan election on August 8 was annulled, and the latest election took place on October 26. At the last moment, one of the political parties declined to be involved in the second election, so now there is discussion as to what steps should be taken to resolve this difficult situation for the country. Corruption is a definite problem in Africa, and Kenya is no exception. There is continued unrest, which has affected the attendance of most churches in the major cities, as people have returned to their family homes for added security. We pray that these tensions worked through will result in a stronger democracy and associated freedoms.

All things considered, including health, three hospital stays, and government elections with associated unrest, I have decided to postpone our departure for about six weeks. We are excited about leaving and are looking forward to a fresh start in the new year. The national pastors are also excited and continue to ask about our pending arrival.

Please take a moment to view our documentary ministry video:


As the Kenyan pastors continue to work to build their churches in Kenya, we continue to prepare for departure. As well as preparing for our departure, we also continue to present our ministry to missions-minded churches in the attempt to consolidate our support level. The YouTube documentary video that Jared Russ prepared for us on our last return from Kenya has proven to be very useful to pastors, both as an introductory presentation of our ministry and as a reminder to supporting churches of the worthwhile investment they have made in us as we look to see people saved and discipled and churches planted. Only recently, Pastor John Nkome in Masai, Southwestern Kenya, started a work with young Masai men, whom we were blessed to lead to the Lord the last time we were in Kenya.

We give thanks to God for the blessing of our supporting churches that have remained faithful in their support of our ministry to Kenya and East Africa. I believe God is going to do great things through our ministry with national pastors in Kenya, and I am excited to say that, according to God’s Word, this fruit will be added to your account in Heaven.

Thank you. We covet your prayers. We pray that you will have a blessed Thanksgiving. We have much to be thankful for.

Your co-laborers in Christ,

Peter, Melody, and Lindsay Morris
Missionary Family to Kenya, East Africa