Mshama Kinyonga Prayer Letter:  Average Attendance Is Growing!“O give thanks unto the Lord for He is good . . . .” (Psalm 107:1) We do serve a mighty and loving God. It has been a busy few months. It’s a spiritual battle every day, but these past few months, it has seemed to be more noticeable. We take our hope and strength from God’s Word and move forward. We are so grateful to be here and appreciate your support, both prayerfully and financially. Thank you for the encouragement as well. Thank you for all the birthday cards and anniversary cards; we read every one of them, and we are grateful for the time you spent to write and send them.

When we first left for furlough back in August, we were averaging 180 people. Since we came back in January up till now, we have been averaging 230. We are so excited that God is bringing the increase, many new families and folks we can just love on. With these people come marriages, and the Devil hates it when married couples get saved, come to church, and start growing. Please pray for the marriages here at Grace Baptist Church. The Devil is fighting hard. Pray that the folks here will stay strong and fight Satan’s blows with the Word of God and remain teachable. Also pray, because witchcraft is big here, and people are dabbling in it. We have folks who are visitors who come, but we don’t know their pasts; it can be a struggle sometimes with the satanic baggage that they often carry. We know that God is more powerful than that, but it takes wisdom and strength to deal with it.

We are grateful for the open door that is still here for soul winning. People still listen and take time to know the real truth. We have had a long rainy season. Many people stay inside to remain warm and dry; you won’t find many folks out and about. Well, the first warm, sunny day in a while happened to be a Saturday, and everyone was out. We were witnessing in our new bus-route area, and we had over 60 folks from our church out, with 71 trusting in Christ. One boy from that day was Emmanuel, a nice teenage boy. I had the privilege of witnessing to him, and he came the next day to church.

We wanted to encourage our teenagers, so we had a Teen Day at church. We had three different men from our church come and preach throughout the day; we had food and camp-style games as well. We divided the teens into four different teams and had great competitions. The spirit all around was uplifting and fun. We had 64 teens attend. The theme was “Be a Voice!”

Thanks again for loving us and teaming up with us as we serve the people here in Tanzania. We couldn’t be here without you, and we are grateful. Please know that we pray for you and the ministries at your churches.

Your missionary friends,

Mshama, Martha, & Esther Kinyonga