Micah Christiansen Prayer Letter:  Showers of BlessingsRainy season is arriving in Ghana! We are definitely enjoying the cooler air that is part of this time of year. For the first time since coming to Ghana in late January, I actually wanted a blanket one night! It felt great! Of course, rainy season has its drawbacks—like having to walk in a downpour of rain. Abbie and I were about to leave home for the Sunday evening service when a storm rolled in, and we have to walk to the main road to catch transportation to church. Abbie wore a poncho and used an umbrella, so she didn’t fare too badly. As for me, well, let’s just say I was still wet after the service, and it took two days for my shoes to dry!

Along with the showers of rain, we have had showers of blessings. Abbie and our unborn child are doing very well. God doesn’t just provide our needs; He supplies our wants. I was wanting a scanner and a CD stereo player, but I didn’t like the prices I was seeing. God brought some used ones to shops very near our house for only US$12.50 each! Abbie was having some serious pregnancy cravings for sausage, and we found out we can get good, safe sausage! God is so good to us!

I am so blessed to be able to work with the children of Fundamental Baptist Academy. Many of our students are clamoring to do discipleship lessons when their schoolwork for the day is done. We have children whose parents take them to other churches on Sunday mornings, but they often come to our other services and/or soul winning! As I have asked students questions about their salvation, it has been such a blessing to hear so many give a clear testimony and demonstrate a solid understanding of salvation. I have also had the joy of leading two of our students to Christ!

Going soul winning here is a great blessing. Ghanaians are so ready to listen to the Bible. It is not at all hard to find someone who will let you witness to them. However, the actual process of witnessing can be very challenging. Works salvation is often confusingly clothed in the language of truth. For example, I am finding that many Ghanaians think “believe in Jesus” and “obey God” are the same thing! Please pray for us as we grow in our soul winning, and please pray that we will have fruit that remains.

Fruit to Your Account

“Oh, bruni” is something I hear every day of my life now. Usually children say it to get a white person’s attention.

While walking home one day, I again heard, “Oh, bruni.” This time it was two girls wanting to know the white man’s name, so we exchanged names. One of these girls was Kezia.

The next day as I walked home, I heard someone calling my name. Now that was unusual! I recognized Kezia and greeted her by name also. We often passed on the street, and we would talk as much as Kezia’s English allowed.

One day I asked, “Kezia, did you go to church on Sunday?” She smiled and shook her head. I invited her to come to our children’s service on Sunday. The next week I invited her again. The following week she ran up to me and said that she wanted to come to church with Abbie and me. I told her we would come on Saturday and talk to her mom. Her mom gave permission, and Kezia was at church on Sunday! Kezia trusted Christ for salvation her second week at church, and she has come four weeks in a row. Praise God!

Yours for souls,

Micah Christiansen