AnnaBeth Marie October 9, 2017

Micah Christiansen Prayer Letter: A New Birth!On October 9, AnnaBeth Marie Christiansen was born! We know that people were praying for us, because God was obviously at work. Abbie’s contractions started at 9 a.m.—at less than 5 minutes apart! We thought it was false labor—after all, contractions don’t start at less than 5 minutes apart! So we waited for the contractions to go away. Only they didn’t go away; they came stronger and faster. We realized we needed to get to the hospital, and thanks to Pastor Speer’s crazy driving skills, we got there in good time. When the midwife came to the room, she took one look and said, “The baby is coming.” She and I each took one of Abbie’s arms and helped her to the second-stage delivery room next door. We had to hurry because the midwife said, “We don’t want the baby to fall on the floor.” AnnaBeth was born about 15 minutes after arriving at the hospital after only 4 hours of labor! Abbie was still amazingly clearheaded and strong. She actually walked down the hall to the room where we were staying overnight—right after giving birth! Abbie and I praise God for His loving care of us during the delivery, and we want to thank you all for your prayers.

I have a better idea now of how God feels when someone is born again. God allows us to be part of this spiritual birthing process, and thus we can be sharers of His joy. What a privilege!

September was a month in which we pushed to have more visitors at our church, and October was a month in which we had a program to reward those who met certain attendance and growth goals. My visitor Bernard successfully completed our October program, and Abbie had a 99-year-old lady named Comfort complete the program. Comfort now brings one of her (great?) granddaughters, and Bernard has brought one of his friends and has gone soul winning with me once. Please pray for their continued growth.

I now have someone giving me Twi lessons on a regular basis. Before, I had been trying to pick up what Twi I could from just listening and asking questions, so learning was going very slowly. Please pray that I will profit greatly from these lessons.

Fruit to Your Account

I was waiting rather impatiently outside the computer repair shop for the repair man to show up. I looked into the shop next door to see if one of my converts was there. He wasn’t, so I didn’t even say anything to the man inside. However, he came out and started talking to me. I found out his name was Gabriel. I knew I didn’t have time to witness to him then, so I asked him where he lived and told him I would come see him sometime. However, the first few times I went to his home, no one was there. I was trying again and was about to leave when Gabriel walked around the corner of the house! He had just come back from a soccer game. If I had been any earlier, I would have missed him again! Gabriel listened closely to the Gospel and trusted Christ alone for salvation. It took two divine appointments for him to get saved!

Yours for souls,

Micah Christiansen