Mark Tossell Prayer Letter:  An Unusual Salvation StoryIn all my years of ministry, I do not remember such an unusual salvation story as the one, which I shall now recount for you.

One of our men met a very needy gentleman through his business. This gentleman, J_______, had suffered a terrible and catastrophic loss years ago, and the trauma had deeply affected his state of heart and mind. Also, J_______ was on a variety of medications to treat some significant ailments. As a result, he suffered dreadful, debilitating side effects and began to experience pharmaceutical toxicity, where the medications work together against the individual. As J_______’s health deteriorated, he began to suffer from severe insomnia, which exacerbated his condition. Truly he was at his wits’ end.

The man in our church put me in touch with J_______, hoping that I could help him and win him to Christ. J_______ opened up to me, partly because I am writing a book about depression, and we began a lengthy and honest dialogue via email and FaceBook Messenger. This was quite unusual, but J_______ did not feel comfortable speaking on the phone, and he lives out of state.

After several months, I received a very positive message about two weeks ago, in which J_______ gave me a wonderful open door for presenting the simple plan of salvation. Over the course of three hours, J_______ and I messaged back and forth as I sought to persuade him that salvation is a free gift. He has a Catholic background and was slow to let go of the idea of a works-based salvation.

Praise God! Eventually, J_______ trusted in Christ. We have since been in touch daily, and I hope to fly up to visit him and disciple him for a couple of days. Please pray for J_______ and his wife.

Also, pray for my book on depression. It is presently being proofread and edited, and I am looking into various publishing options.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. By the grace of God, we are making a difference in this dark city, and you have a part in that.

By His grace,

Mark, Christina, and Adam Tossell