Larae Hoff Prayer Letter:  SMITE Camp and Bible ClubsI want to thank you for your prayers. God has answered your prayers by keeping my vehicle safe while on the road and taking care of the small things too, like when my laptop quit unexpectedly.

I continued May in South Carolina. That Wednesday, I shared my presentation with the adults before prayer meeting in Charleston, South Carolina. On May 7, I was able to practice my Spanish with the adults at Iglesia Bautista in South Carolina. In the morning, I talked about missions with the children in Sunday school. I shared my presentation in the evening and told my testimony to the teens. In West Columbia, South Carolina, I told my testimony during prayer meeting that Wednesday. On the 14th in Whitesburg, Georgia, I talked about the ministry in Ghana. On the 17th, I had the opportunity to share my testimony at a church in LaFayette, Georgia, where my pastor’s wife who helped me get assurance of my salvation as a teen, attends. I finished May in Sulphur, Louisiana, and shared my presentation during prayer meeting.

At the end of May and the beginning of June, I had the opportunity to attend SMITE Camp. SMITE (Summer Missionary Institute of Training in Evangelism) Camp is a weeklong training camp that teaches young people (teen and college-aged) how to share the Gospel through five-day Bible Clubs. Students have classes in the morning and practice their Bible/missionary/verse lessons as a group after lunch. Then they go out in the afternoon and do the club. The evening is filled with two powerful preaching services. This process also teaches young people how to set up and invite kids for the Bible Club. My group consisted of 2 preteens, 2 teens, a college student who was our leader, an adult lady who drove us, and me. We had a total of 10 children and 2 fathers who heard the Gospel. Praise the Lord for the 5 children who accepted Christ. Please pray for these children to grow in Christ. The Saturday evening before SMITE Camp, my laptop quit working. That Sunday, I took it to a store, and before leaving, I handed the technician a tract. When I came back to the store on Saturday to pick up my laptop, I discovered that it hadn’t been worked on, so I stayed at the store while the gentleman worked on it. The hard drive had been disconnected and was not be able to be reconnected. Please pray for the technician, Timothy, whom I had the opportunity to talk with while waiting, about the importance of a relationship with Christ. Praise the Lord for a supporting church who provided finances from a love gift, which went toward the purchase of my new laptop.

The first Sunday in June, I was able to visit two churches in Louisiana. I talked with the young people about missions during Sunday school and shared about the ministry in Ghana with the adults in Lake Charles, Louisiana. In the evening, I shared my video with the members in Denham Springs, Louisiana. On June 6, I had the opportunity to help with Youth Camp in Guin, Alabama. During the week, 3 girl campers from the church I was helping with trusted Christ to be their Saviour. Please pray for these girls and other young people at camps to continue growing in Christ. On the 11th, I shared my presentation with the folks in Dayton, Ohio. I finished June in Rensselaer, New York. I taught the young people in Sunday school and the beginners in Junior Church and shared about Ghana in the evening.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and financial support. God is providing. As I begin my second year of deputation, please continue to pray for me to have wisdom about which churches He wants me to partner with.

Please Pray

  • Bible Club children and campers to grow in Christ

Praise the Lord

  • 10 children and 2 fathers heard the Gospel!
  • 3 youth campers got saved!

In Christ,

Larae Hoff