Keith Baker Prayer Letter:  The Work ContinuesThank you for your faithful backing of our ministry here in St. Raphael, Haiti. You are a great asset in what we are trying to do.

As you are coming out of your winter weather, we are leaving late spring-like temperatures and heading to warmer days. Our comparatively cooler nights have been a welcome relief.

There has been another impasse recently in regards to our presidential elections. Presently Haiti has an interim government. It is bewildering sometimes to hear of all the political gridlock in Port-Au-Prince. There is not total anarchy in this country, but Haiti continues to be a target for trouble because of her erratic state.

Currently I am teaching three hours a day for a four-week module from the book of Isaiah, followed by a one-week all-day seminar (public invited) from the book of John and then followed by a four-week module from the book of I Corinthians. Teaching here has its challenges, but I enjoy preparing lessons and getting God’s Word out to the Haitians. The Bible has the answer for this and every country’s political disorder.

Theresa continues to teach in Junior Church, our ladies’ college, and the K-6 school. The ladies’ college involves 11 single girls whom we are preparing for Christian womanhood.

The report from the two newer works in Gonaives indicates attendances in the 60-80 range each week for 2016. Property has been secured for both works so that they might relocate to a permanent area in the future.


Keith and Theresa Baker