Keith Baker Prayer Letter: Soul-Winning Opportunity?I taught Christology during April, with an interruption the second week. Three times a year, we open a one-week seminar to the public. We taught the book of Hebrews during this recent Easter week and had 160 young people registered. We fed everyone twice a day and lodged 40 people because they traveled over 4 hours to attend. In May, I will continue with teaching Christology but with an emphasis on the harmony of the Gospels.

Theresa and I have never seen rain in Haiti as we have witnessed it this spring, but it does not usually start to storm until evening each day.

While I was involved in personal evangelism with four of our college students on April 30, the vehicle we were in broke down about eight miles away from St. Raphael. God stepped in, and we stepped out. The vehicle took four hours to fix, so we used that time to share the Gospel in the neighborhood. Monique (29), Nadine (12), and Wislin (15) trusted Christ as their Saviour that Saturday morning.

Two of our seminary students, Odisson and Frito, shared with me recently an area about ten miles from our present location (Bostaj), where they believe the Lord is leading them to start a work. In the near future, we will concentrate our soul-winning efforts in that area.

We are grateful for your prayers and financial support.


Keith & Theresa Baker