Keith Baker Prayer Letter:  Quick Trip to the StatesTheresa and I have been in the States for one week, and we will return to Haiti tomorrow, May 9. We were able to attend the graduation exercises at Pensacola Christian College on the May 6, where our son Kasey received his diploma. On the 4th we were able to be at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, to welcome our son Kirby back from his tour in Afghanistan. When we left our apartment in San Raphael, we had been experiencing days around 102 degrees. The temperatures in Florida and North Carolina were a refreshing relief.

I still have one more four-week module to teach before we conclude our spring semester with our Bible college men. Theresa will finish her teaching in our K-6 this month.

During the Easter break, we conducted a one-week seminar and opened the registration to the public. We taught and fed approximately 140 adults each day. This class received introductory training of Bible knowledge. For my daily lectures, I accented Scripture symbols.

Typically we will do in the summertime what we do the other nine months of the year, except the schools will not be open. Thursdays are Market Ministry days. Fridays, I visit other churches, while Theresa has Bible Club time. Saturdays are more personal-evangelism opportunities with our present college men. Sundays are teaching and preaching, of course. We use Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays for miscellaneous chores, ministry needs, and preparation.

I have recorded in my planner 62 salvation decisions these past 2 months.

Thank you so much for your investment in our ministry.


Keith and Theresa Baker