For some months now I have been in contact with various missionaries and one national pastor regarding possible trips overseas. I was able to finalize some of those trips and have listed them below.


I will once again be with Missionary Mark Holmes for two Leadership and Soul winning Conferences. I leave here on May 25 and return on June 9. I will be preaching and teaching in the National Conference held at Truth Baptist Church in Abuja as well as preaching the Sunday services in local churches. We then fly down to Calabar for a Regional Conference. These conferences have been used of the Lord to promote soul winning and church building in Nigeria. I would appreciate your prayers for God’s power and safety as I travel.


I have been invited to Toronto to be with Missionary Brian Johnston for a Bible Conference with an emphasis on the family. This will occur in mid August. I have been with this fine missionary in the past and am thankful we were able to work out a time period we both could agree on.


Once I am done with the Bible conference in Canada, the very next weekend, Linda and I will be traveling to Ireland. Missionary Keith Hamilton will be taking a furlough and he asked me to oversee his church for around a month. Another missionary will be able to oversee the church for the rest of his furlough. I have always wanted to have enough support so I could help missionaries in this way. In the past, I have been able to do this twice: once to Germany for two months and once to Hawaii for a month. I still do not have the support to help for longer periods of time but am thankful to help for these shorter periods.

I have two other trips I am still working on. I would appreciate your prayers regarding possible trips to the Philippines and Argentina. The Lord has also opened up opportunities for me to preach mission conferences at churches here in the United States.

Almost two years ago Alejandro Castillo got saved because some men from our church were out soul winning. He and his family started coming to our church and have been inviting their friends and extended family to our services. His brother, Elder, and Elder’s family have been attending recently. A few weeks back I had the privilege of leading Elder to Christ. Elder then followed the Lord in believer’s baptism. What a blessing to be a fellow laborer with Alejandro in seeing his brother saved! Praise the Lord for the power of the gospel.

Please pray for:
God’s power as I preach.
Souls to be saved.
Increased support for the ministry.
Safety as I travel.

Missionary Evangelist James Belisle