Garry and Mindy Tingson Prayer Letter: Our First Church ServiceIt’s the middle of September, and it was exciting to see the last coat of paint go up last Monday on the walls of our future auditorium. The electrician will come in now and install the lights, switches, outlets, and control panel. We will be having a “work bee” this Saturday with the help of Crossroads Baptist Church, a friend church in Sydney. It will be exciting to move into the much bigger auditorium, as our church is outgrowing our little space. The Lord has been gracious to continue sending visitors our way. Last Sunday, we had a man, visiting from Sydney, come and visit our church because of the testimony of our youth leader Jeremy, who has Romans 6:23 written on the side of his car! Glory to God!

In the midst of it all, we’ve been gearing up to have our first church service in Forster. We’ve had a great group from Living Hope Baptist Church come out on Saturdays to place invitations and tracts in letter boxes in Forster. This past month, we’ve passed out over 5,000 tracts. We had our first service on the last Sunday of August, and we had a total of 31 people in attendance. We praise the Lord for a great outcome! Please pray as we continue to reach out to this needy place. Our next service in Forster will be on the last Sunday of September, and it will be in a public park. Please pray for those who have received our tracts and for those who will be at the park on that day.

Our church has been affected much with sickness during this past winter. The bug has also gone through our entire family. We praise God that it’s now spring, and we are starting to see more and more people coming back to church after their sicknesses. Please pray for our little Isla, as she seems to get sick very often. Not only has physical sickness hit us, but the “homesickness bug” continues to resurface every now and then. Please pray especially for our children, as they’ve had to adjust to so many changes since moving to Australia. Our little Gwennie, however, has been so excited, as she just graduated from “kindie” (kindergarten) this past month. She’s now working ahead in her schoolwork.

We had another kind of graduation this past month, the graduation of Dr. John Nordman. It wasn’t a graduation from school, but from this life to glory. He had been a faithful missionary to Australia for decades, winning souls and planting churches. He will be greatly missed! Please pray for his wife Gwen and their family.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support!

Your servant in Christ,
Garry Tingson