Zach Foust Prayer Letter:  New Church Being Started in ChancheriaDear Praying Friends and Supporting Churches,
We have many exciting things happening at International Baptist Church in San Gabriel! We cannot thank you enough for your constant prayers and support. We often remark that we have the greatest supporting churches of any missionary we know. We know that we could not do the work here without your support.

We started a new tradition at IBI in San Gabriel. Once a month, we will be having a Family Night to help strengthen the families in the area. We had a great turnout for our first Family Night on March 8, with more than 80 in attendance. We all played games and sang together to start the service and then separated into groups of adults and teens for training on the family. Many families were helped, and we are excited to continue the class each month.

We have planned our first baptismal service here in San Gabriel. Up until now, we have been baptizing in the main church in Chorrillos (about an hour away.) Because of the building structure, we have been hesitant to put a baptistery in our second-floor auditorium. Thankfully, a church family, who lives a few houses down from the church, is allowing us to use their pool in front of their house as a baptistery. This is a huge blessing for us, as we have several who wish to be baptized here in San Gabriel. We will give you an update on this next month.

We know that our church in San Gabriel is a miracle church, and now we are looking for another miracle in nearby Chancheria. This new church is being started completely from our church in San Gabriel, and Bro. Paul Yanez, whom I led to the Lord when we first started the church in Chorrillos, will be leading this new work. We have been cleaning and preparing and have a start date of April 19. For now, we will have a dirt floor and a temporary structure, but we would love to put a cement pad down and build a simple brick/cement building with a bathroom. Please pray that we would reach many in this remote area with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These are very needy people with no Gospel work at all in the area.

We are encouraged when we think of the many who have been saved in the San Gabriel area alone in the past month. More than 35 people have trusted Christ through soul winning, teen and family classes, and regular church services. What a thrill to be a part of a growing church!

Our family is doing well, and the boys are all growing like weeds! Logan celebrated his tenth birthday on March 20, and now all three boys are in double digits! We are so thankful for each of them and the blessing they bring to the family.

His for souls,

Zach and Karin Foust, Zachary, C.J., and Logan