Zach and Karin Sr. Foust Prayer Letter: "Day of the Dead" Soul-Winning EventOctober and November here in Lima mean a slow return to warmer weather and sunshiny days. We are thrilled to see the sun again and to say “goodbye” to “Lima the Gray,” as she is called during the long winter months.

After our annual Pastors’ School, we jumped right into a new semester of Bible institute, with a record number of students registering. It’s great to invest in those who want to serve the Lord, and we are thankful for their growth.

Our church is still hoping to buy a piece of property that is near our current rented location. Please be in prayer that the paperwork and permissions will go through, that the whole property can be sold to us, and that we make the purchase soon. There are bureaucratic issues that need to be resolved, and we really need God to do a miracle for us to have a property of our own!

We were able to take an evangelistic trip on the Amazon with Bro. Eddie Lapina (First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana) and a group of pastors and laymen a couple of weeks ago. More than 200 people trusted the Lord for salvation during the trip. We then held a Men’s Conference and a Family Conference at our church in San Gabriel with the visiting group. It was a huge blessing to us personally and to our church to have this group with us.

We just held our annual soul-winning event at the cemetery! Every year on the Day of the Dead, November 1, we go to the world’s second-largest cemetery for a day of soul winning. This year, our church had 43 soul winners come out, and they were able to see 173 people receive Christ as their Saviour. Three other churches came out as well, with 81 soul winners and around 250 people saved in all! What an amazing day it was!

The team and our church will be taking a missions trip to the central jungle city of Huánuco November 15-21. We will be helping in the planting of a new church by holding a Family Conference. About 20 people will be traveling there, and we would ask that you remember us in prayer for traveling mercies and health and that God would help us to be a blessing to the missionary.

We would also ask you to pray for Zach and Cassandra as they finish up their deputation. They are doing very well, and we are thankful for them and looking forward to having them here working alongside us! Also, please pray for Caleb as he works with the youth and Spanish speakers in Elkton, South Dakota. Please remember Logan as well as he experiences his first real winter in the Chicagoland area. He is really feeling the cold after growing up in South America! Please pray that the Lord will be with him and guide him in all that he does.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support! We love you and pray for you.

His for souls,

Zach and Karin Foust