Elias Correa Prayer Letter:  Sow BountifullyI have been very busy making preparations for our upcoming mission trip to Honduras next month. We will be distributing Scriptures and holding evangelistic services as we help Missionary Ted Snyder start a new church in Siguatepeque, Honduras. I have also been busy scheduling meetings to present the WBPS ministry to churches in Michigan, Ohio, New York, Illinois, and West Virginia over the next several months. We are excited and thankful for the good response we have had to God’s leading for our future.

This year the theme for WBPS is “Sow Bountifully.” We praise the Lord that in January WBPS was able to ship 10,000 Faroese Bibles, as well as 50,000 John and Romans to the Faroe Islands! The Lord also sent in the funds to ship 10,000 Bibles to India in February! God is good! Please pray about helping us by taking on one of our special projects in 2017. We have a current need of $2,000 to send Scriptures to the Philippines. We also have a need of $1,900 to send 55,000 Bibles to Papua New Guinea. Your help and prayers are greatly appreciated!
We are also excited to see what the Lord is doing in 2017 in the area of soul winning. Recently I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with a group of men. From the group, there were 4 adult men who were listening intently as I shared the glorious Gospel message. After about 20 minutes, all 4 bowed their heads and sweetly trusted Christ as their Saviour. Praise the Lord that He still saves!

Family News and Prayer Requests

We would appreciate your prayers for safety as we travel. Also, please remember our three children in your prayers. Suzanne will, Lord willing, be graduating from high school this spring and is seeking God’s will concerning which Bible college to attend. Kendalle is attending college; and, Lord willing, our eldest son Joshua will graduate from college in May. They are growing up way too fast!
Thank you once again for everything. We appreciate you very much. We strive to please the Lord in all we do and to be the best investment possible for you. God bless you.

Bro. Elias Correa
(Robyn, Suzanne)