Elias and Robyn Correa Prayer Letter: Noteworthy News on the Bible FrontWe have shipped over 13 million Scriptures, in 13 languages, to 25 nations so far this year. Recent shipments include two more pallets of Portuguese Scriptures to Angola and Mozambique. Please pray that the word of God will set them free. The container that has been held up in customs in Nigeria was finally inspected. We are still negotiating the demurrage fees and hope to finally have it cleared and delivered soon. No news on the shipment in Pakistan yet. The Lord blessed our mission trips to Chile and Brazil with Scriptures distributed, visitors receiving Bibles, and several souls trusting Christ. Please look inside for highlights, testimonies from team members, and a few pictures. By the time you get this, we will have concluded our Wings BPS 46th Anniversary Bible Conference. We trust the Lord to bless the meeting as usual with powerful preaching, marvelous music, and fantastic fellowship.

Elias & Robyn Correa

Christ 4 Chili
July 10-18, 2023

28,560 Scriptures Distributed
43 Visitors Received Bibles
26 Professions of Faith

“As the final month drew near for our upcoming missions trip, I was getting ready to drop out, but I decided to trust God and give Him this week of my life to use me in Chile. Little did I realize just how much God would use this trip to open my eyes to the mission field that surrounds us. As we landed in Chile on Monday, I was shocked by how different the culture was. Not only did they speak another language, but the way they interacted with others, dressed, and even the way they drove was altogether different than what I was used to in my quiet city in the States. As the week drew on and we met the two local churches that we were there to help, I was overwhelmed by the love and kindness they had shown us. They fed us, offered us warm clothing (it is winter in Chile right now), and greeted us warmly every day. As I went throughout the week handing out pamphlets for our two churches, I had the pleasure of serving alongside the members of the church, and I was able to grow close to several of the young men.

To see the love they had for me, a complete stranger who butchered their language and stood out quite plainly as an American, was once again overwhelming. Throughout the trip, I kept thinking to myself about all the lost souls we would see that day—thousands of people who had no idea they were on their way to Hell. Each night I would go to bed wishing I had been more fearless in spreading the Gospel, and each morning I would wake up with the goal to be better than the day before—to reach more people than the day before. But this trip did more for me than open my eyes to all of the lost souls in Chile; I was convicted by how I could do better at home sharing the Gospel. Kansas is just as lost as Chile, and I was faced with this question: Why didn’t I spread the Gospel as fearlessly, fervently, and gladly in Kansas as I did in Chile? This question weighed heavily on my heart as our trip neared its end. I feel as though the local churches we met and the friends we made blessed us more than we did them, and I believe God sent me to Chile for more than just helping these churches. He sent me to Chile to open my eyes to all of the lost souls are around me. Whether I am in Chile, France, Italy, or Kansas—wherever I am, God has me in a mission field, and I need to be just as faithful and eager to share his Gospel in my local grocery store as I would be on the streets of Chile. I am overwhelmed and thankful for all those who invested in this missions trip and in me. From the Johnsons and the immense work they put into it, all the way to the local churches and our missions group, who invested so much in me, but most importantly, in spreading the Gospel.” – Testimony by Timothy Wood

Team Members: Allen Johnson, Dema Johnson, Gary Neal (pictured above left), Tami Neal, Alizabeth Hudson, Andrew Klay, John Williams, Mary Williams, Timothy Kagin, Samuel Smirnoff, Sierra Smirnoff, Alan Harris, Pastor Jeremiah Metsinger, Melissa Metsinger, Haddon Metsinger, Silas Metsinger, Emmy Bidwell, Octavian Camacho, Kylia Castello, Kallen Heinz, Joshua Knott, Braiden Lady, Chris McCurry, Ruth McCurry, Pam North, Joyce Parker, Candy Sanders, Ethan Winters, Timothy Wood, Pastor Raúl Reyes, and Leticia Garcia (group picture above)

Bibles 4 Brazil
July 31 – August 8, 2023

27,060 Scriptures Distributed
26 Visitors Received Bibles
5 Professions of Faith

“This trip was my third Wings Bearing Precious Seed trip. My first one was in Montana, and my second one was in Mexico. All three I have been on have been very encouraging. The difference about this Brazil trip is that I couldn’t speak the language. I’m not good at Spanish, but I can carry on a conversation. With Portuguese, though, I know just enough to get myself in trouble. The very encouraging thing about being down there was that even though I didn’t know the language, I could have very good fellowship with Christians who didn’t speak my language! There’s nothing like good Christian fellowship. Language barriers have nothing to do with it, for which I am very grateful! It was also a blessing to see the eagerness of everyone, both young and old, to distribute, and it was a conviction to me to be more eager and even willing to step out of my comfort zone and hand portions of God’s Word out to those who are in desperate need of it. Also, I am learning to have compassion on anyonw and everyone who needs to hear the Gospel, just like Christ had compassion in Matthew 9. He had compassion on the multitudes. It didn’t matter what they looked like or how deep in sin they were, He had compassion and then commanded His disciples to pray for labourers in the Lord’s harvest. It is so easy to harden your heart toward people when you know there is so much sin going on, but the only thing that has made us different than they are is Christ. It is He Who is the difference, so that is why we should labour in the harvest and pray for labourers every day, and we should have more compassion on the lost. So, those are the things that really popped out at me on the trip. Every trip I’ve been on, I’ve noticed how much work goes into these trips, so I also just want to thank the Johnsons for their hard work that went into this trip. If you haven’t been on one yet, I really encourage you to go on one. You will be an encouragement to the missionaries, and the trip will be an encouragement to you.”
– Testimony by Dawson Neal

Team Members: Allen Johnson (pictured above left with new convert), Dema Johnson, Gary Neal, Tami Neal, Karen Durham, Joshua Eaton, Cason Neal, Colton Neal, Rebekah Jensen, Adalyn Neal, Braden Neal, Dawson Neal, Zeke Thompson, Elias Correa, Cleo Green, Sarah Green, Nathaniel Johnson, Emily Denson, Bethany Sikma, Laura Jaeger, David Halyaman, Sandra Halyaman, Alan Harris, Nicole Lott, and Halle Lott (group picture above)