Eddie and Misty Wilson Prayer Letter: Mid-Year Update 2021The year 2021 is shaping up to be one of our most productive years yet! CMI is in its eighth year, as it was founded in 2013. However, this year has been productive for different reasons. In 2020, the leadership of CMI decided to take a different approach to getting the Gospel to every creature. With the pandemic raging and borders shutting down, we still believe that it is our responsibility to take the Gospel as far and wide as God gives us resources and opportunities. Up until 2020, most of our programming was produced in Georgia for the rest of the world to consume. After COVID halted much of our production, we decided to take a different path. Now we are building studios all over the world to continue to produce Gospel programming that can go out on television. We still air in over 100 countries and have programs in 29 different languages.


In February, we sent a team to Colombia to finish a studio there in conjunction with Aaron Vance’s ministry. We finished the studio, and it is fully functional and ready to produce programs in South America. We are currently working on a television contract to air the Gospel throughout the entire country of Colombia.


We just finished up the studio in Brazil in partnership with Wes Palla. We will begin producing Portuguese programs from that location very soon and are praying for additional opportunities to air the programs in Brazil.


We will be sending a team to Nigeria to build a studio this fall in parternership with Mark Holmes. We already have a broadcast airing in Nigeria and have planted two new churches this year close to where the studio is being built.

We currently have additional studios in Dawsonville, Georgia; Chernivtsi, Ukraine; Caracas, Venezuela; Bucaramanga, Colombia; and Salvador, Brazil. Lord willing, we will build two to three more this year in Nigeria, Egypt, and India.

Please continue to pray for the ministry of CMI as we do our best to make sure that everyone hears the Gospel at least once in their lifetime and in their language. We are grateful for your continued prayers and support!

In Christ,

Eddie Wilson