Dennis Lagos Prayer Letter:  The “Be Cool” UpdateThe “Be Cool” Update

Greetings from the State side. We have returned from our travels in Canada and are now traveling through the many different states on our deputation marathon. We have made many good friends, and we are so grateful for the faithfulness God has shown us through God’s people. We have also enjoyed the many soul-winning opportunities in the various places we have traveled. One particular story stands out in my mind that I would like to share.

We had been soul winning this particular day for nearly three hours. It was very difficult to find anyone who was willing to talk with us about the Lord. Also, Holly had hurt her back, and although in a lot of pain, she was still out there with me, pushing a borrowed walker. Then on the very last street, we noticed a young man walking towards us. We stopped him and asked if he would have a moment that we might share how God loved him and how he could know for sure that he could have eternal life in Heaven. The young man allowed us the time to explain salvation to him. Then he was ready to accept Jesus Christ as his Saviour.

The most amazing part about the whole experience was what the young man said next. He explained that he was not from the town we were visiting. He said he had only come for the day. Then he explained how he had just been walking along the main street when he “happened” to go by the other street my wife and I were on, and something compelled him to turn and walk towards us. Most amazing of all, he shared how he grew up in an atheist home where Christians were hated and God was blasphemed. Until that very day I shared the Gospel with this young man, he had never before heard that the Lord Jesus loved him. He shared that he watched his father die a very lonely death, and from that point, he began questioning what he had been taught all of his life. He rejoiced that day that he learned the truth and was set free. He proclaimed that he will go and tell his friend the Good News of salvation. Praise the Lord for God’s truth that sets the captive free!

Thank you, dear faithful friends, for your prayers and support. God is continually supplying our needs through God’s faithful people. We praise the Lord for the other prayer and financial partnerships we’ve gained over the past months. Thank you for both your prayers and financial partnership. May God continue to add fruit to your account for your faithfulness to His work.

In Christ’s service,

Dennis and Holly Lagos

“Be cool; pray for Bicol!”