Dave Solt Prayer Letter:  Mary Beth Graduates to CaneMary Beth Graduates to the Cane

Yes, Mary Beth’s broken leg is steadily improving by faithfully attending the physio class and exercising at home. The church family has been such a help and blessing throughout this recovery. Our sincere thanks for all who have supported us in prayer through this time. However, there is still another medical need under investigation for which we would appreciate your continued prayer.

Souls Are Being Saved!

That’s why we are here (and you thought we were on holiday)! So far for the year, 55 souls have trusted the Saviour, and 60 first-time visitors have visited our church! Last Sunday we had the privilege to baptize a dear man. His wife came to hear the message of salvation and told us that she wished she had come to our church long ago. God is drawing people to the cross. Now we have people in our church who are actively reaching the lost with the Gospel!

Moving Forward

Years ago I read a book by Pastor Mike Mutchler concerning starting a New Testament church. His book had a profound effect on the starting of Faith Baptist Church here in Preston. Shortly after we started the church, we were given the opportunity to merge with an existing, biblically sound church in town. It’s been four years of hard work to encourage these wonderful people to continue to press forward in the right direction. I’m pleased to inform you that we are ready to embark into our next phase in soul-winning ministries and seek to be a positive influence to other missionaries on the field. Thanks, Dr. Mutchler, for your help, friendship, support, and influence. Thank you, friends and supporters, for the over 23 years since we joined FBMI!

College Days

In October, I’m taking Joshua, our second oldest, to attend College Days at Hyles-Anderson. Daniel did a great job with us in the summer. He worked as an assistant in our church since he is surrendered to missions. Now he is back at Hyles-Anderson for his second year and is happily plugged back into college, his job, and his bus route. We are thrilled that he is doing so well in soul winning and ministry. It’s great to see all of our three boys living for Jesus and excited about the ministry! We certainly realize that it is because of many prayers, financial support, and heartfelt kindnesses that we are still on the field and moving forward for Christ. Thank you. God bless you all!

Solt Boys' PhotoYours for souls,

The Solt Family
Dave & Mary Beth, Daniel, Joshua, & Jeremy