Dave Solt Prayer Letter:  A Christmas BlessingIn mid-November, we were approached by a business in our area that wants to donate non-perishable foods so that we can distribute boxes filled with food to needy people over the Christmas holidays. We will include Gospel tracts and an invitation to come to our carol service on the 17th. Anyone who knows me will realise that we will also be looking to witness to the people as we visit them. We are excited to have a new opportunity to reach people in our community, and hopefully we will refill the bus for Sundays!

Nearly There

We are now at 189 people who have bowed their heads this year, professing their faith in Christ! The goal is still set for 200 by the end of the year. Thank you for your prayers. We should meet our goal soon, and we see the baptismal waters stirring. It’s hard to say goodbye to some of our older crowd as they struggle with their infirmities, but then there’s the excitement of meeting new people and helping them grow in their faith.

Visitation Program

We have watched some of our people drift away from church. We are working in a society that doesn’t understand the importance of church attendance. Many times, job and extra-curricular activities tend to pull people away from church. A strong visitation program is needed to combat this trend. I’m happy to say that we have three visitation nights per week. Folks are being visited, and we are seeing people back at our services. We need to scatter the Gospel and gather the people.

Family News

It’s wonderful to hear how Daniel and Joshua are doing at Hyles-Anderson. Dan is a bus captain, and Josh is faithfully working on his bus route every Saturday. They are hard at work on their studies at college and at their jobs. Josh will be joining us over here for Christmas, but Daniel is staying at his job to raise money for a car. He just recently passed his driving exam over there. Jeremy is helping us more and more around church and is truly gaining experience in the ministry. Next month he turns 16! Kids grow up as we steam on to the future!

Have a wonderful Christmas season! Thanks for the year of prayer and faithful support. We are excited about new developments in our ministry next year. As Dickens would say, “May God bless you all!”

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family
Dave & Mary Beth, Daniel, Joshua, & Jeremy