Dave Solt Prayer Letter:  22 Years of MinistryDear Supporting Friends,

Thanks for a Generous Christmas!
It was truly a wonderful Christmas season in our church and in our ministry. Our thanks for the many cards and gifts. We were abundantly blessed. Also, we want you to know that our church had a great Christmas. In the past we have seen people leave church after Christmas for one reason or another. This year we were encouraged to see the church grow and believers strengthened. Please allow us to thank you for keeping our financial support strong, thus enabling us to focus on our ministry to these dear people.

2013—A Wonderful Year
Last year was an exciting year for our ministry to England. There have been 527 souls saved since we came to the northwest of England; 83 were saved last year, and 13 have been saved so far this year. We baptized 4 people in November and are looking to baptize more in the next few months. The past year was an introduction of our methods of ministry, which was generally well received by the church. It is exciting to see God growing the people for Him!

“Foundation of Our Faith” Pamphlets
I acquired the Foundation Discipleship Series while attending the Homecoming at First Baptist Church of Hammond. Our thanks for their permission to circulate the pamphlets within our ministry. Right now I’m going over the entire Bible study on Thursday nights, which is well attended. We are making copies available to our Sunday church attendees and access to the lessons via our YouTube page, www.youtube.com/WycliffeChurch1.

Solt Family News
We are blessed to see our three teen boys growing and building their lives around the things of God. Recently we had a children’s rally in February, where 36 kids registered and enjoyed the day. Six raised their hands for Christ, and we are working to follow up on them. Mary Beth and our boys were very involved in the success of the day, working alongside many of the dear people of our church.

This is the 22nd year of our ministry since we started deputation in 1993. I just turned 50! Let me testify that it has been a life and ministry well spent for the people of England. Thank you for helping to make this all possible. God bless you!

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family
Dave & Mary Beth, Daniel, Joshua, & Jeremy