Dave and Mary Beth Solt Prayer Letter God Is Good All the Time!Despite a recurrence of the virus, God is working in the church. We have had 73 salvations so far this year, and another man was baptized in June. We have had 57 people visit the church. The work moves forward, and there is so much to do! Thanks for praying and helping. It was great to have Pastor and Mrs. Seulean from Hopewell Baptist Church in Longmont, Colorado, visit us in June. They were a blessing and a testimony to our folks of the many supporters of this ministry. Mary Beth especially treasured the time with her special college friend. Thank you, God.


As mentioned, we have seen a reoccurrence of the virus in Britain, but it seems that things are now returning to our new normal. All of our services are now open again. The regular morning coffee ministry has also restarted. We now have more opportunities to get out and visit people in their homes, which is vital for the church to rebuild! Sadly, the overall attendance has suffered a little, as some elderly members are still watching the services from home. Thankfully, we are seeing some returning and a few new young families attending the church. Amen! Right now, we are gearing up for our Vacation Bible School, something that we haven’t been able to have for two years! What a great chance this gives us to invite new families into the fellowship! God is good all the time!

A Note from Jeremy

“This summer I was privileged to travel with the Hyles-Anderson College tour group and sing in over 77 services in the Northeast of the U.S. It was amazing to meet so many faithful pastors and encourage churches through this ministry of the college! Also, I was pleasantly surprised to see many churches that have supported my family throughout the years, and it was very special to meet them. Tour was definitely tiring, but I am glad to use what God has given me for Him! I look forward to coming home for the rest of my Summer Break to be with family, reconnect with my home church (also help with our VBS), and prepare for my junior year as a missions student. Thank you for praying for me! – Jeremy”

As of July, Daniel and Rachel have been accepted and inducted into Fundamental Baptist Missions International as future missionaries to England. They are now booking their deputation meetings. Further information is available on their website given below. We praise God as His plan for their lives unfolds.

Our sincere thanks from all of our family for your continued faithful prayers, support, and love. We can only carry on serving our Lord through His power and grace. Please know that your prayer is vital to our ministry here and for the future of our sons.

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family
Dave & Mary Beth
Daniel, Rachel Joshua, & Jeremy