Kokubun1After several years of hearing my husband talk and dream about how incredible it would be when his parents and his youth pastor, Randy Youmans, were able to come to Peru, our dreams finally came true. When dreams come true, it might not be in the way we planned or in the way we hoped, but God has a beautiful way of turning tragedy into triumph, ashes into beauty.

When I found out they were both coming down, we set out to plan a special youth night for our teenagers. I wanted to be sure our kids got to hear them preach as much as possible. They taught several times during the week they were here, but Friday night was our special night. We invited the other churches we’ve started to join us and had 94 in attendance for our youth rally. Daniel’s youth pastor and dad both preached at the rally. It was a special time for all. The Lord met with us, and I believe we will see the results for years to come. Before my preacher could begin the invitation, many of the kids were already moving towards the altar to make decisions. I’m so grateful for this week and the awesome opportunity I’ve had to spend time with these heroes of the faith.

I stand amazed at how the Lord continues to work in our church. We’ve started asking for a show of hands to find out how many people get saved outside our services on a weekly basis. The results have been incredible to see. Our people are catching the vision and reaching others for Christ. One “normal” week, our people saw 54 saved for Christ! Our church continues to grow in number, as well as spiritually. I love seeing the construction going on and planning on what we’re going to do once we fill our building again!

May 5 will be one year since my love graduated to Heaven. It hasn’t been an easy year, but I’ve come to know the Lord in a deeper, more intimate way than I’d ever dreamed possible. I look forward to the future He has for me. Part of continuing my journey means I’ve accepted an opportunity to speak at a ladies’ conference in Michigan on May 7. I covet your prayers for this trip and beg that you would ask God to use me and allow me to be a blessing to others. I’m humbled that the Lord would use me, and I’m reminded that apart from Him I can do nothing. Thank you for your constant prayers and support. I am constantly reminded of how blessed I truly am.

Gratefully serving Him,

Heather Kokubun